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Star Shield Dealer Services (SSDS) provides protection products for the automotive dealership service provider and their customers providing the very best in products and services in a unique and creative way. Unlike most dealer service providers, Star Shield Dealer Services provides programs that encompass both fixed and variable operations in a partnership for profitability.

Star Shield Dealer Services, with locations in California and North Carolina, partners with other dealer service providers nationwide with customized programs that allow retail vehicles to be offered with protection products that can also be enhanced by additional benefits to the customer in F&I. By offering packages that benefit both “front-end” and “back-end” dealerships, SSDS tailors their programs that optimize the dealerships’ profit potential based on their existing environment and resource capitalization. With coast-to-coast locations, we operate on a national level to serve our dealers best.

SSDS offers products such as custom-branded Inventory Management Systems to help dealerships manage their inventory while protecting them from vehicle theft from their premises that can be offered as a theft recovery and vehicle management product to their customers and to use as service maintenance reminders to tie their customers back to the dealership. Additionally, SSDS provides appearance protection products to protect the vehicle’s windshield and painted surfaces while on their premises from paint damage due to environmental and weather-related damage, scratches, chips, knicks, dents, and dings to their doors/door edges while parked in tight spaces. All the products that SSDS offers can be enhanced with additional benefits as a comprehensive protection package in F&I.

SSDS is focused on finding “Solutions” in every dealership environment in order to produce profitable results.


Depreciation/Appearance Protection


Paint Protection Film:

  • Wear & Tear – 3M Door Edge Guards & Cup Guards (Preload)
  • Rear Trunk Ledge (Preload)
  • Front End Kits Available


Automotive Window Film*


Ceramic Exterior Coating:

  • 12-months (Preload)*
  • Interior option available (F&I Upsell)


Cover 4:

  • Paintless Dent Removal, Factory Wheel Repair, Windshield Repair, Key replacement (Preload, 12-months)*
  • AutoBody Guard (F&I Upsell)


GAP Coverage:

  • Up to 150% value of the vehicle
  • Up to $1,000 deductible reimbursement
  • Up to $100,000 amount financed
  • Up to 84-month term

Theft/Replacement Coverage



  • Inventory Management Solutions (Preload)
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery*
  • Transfer SVR to customer for retail*
  • Dealer retention messaging service available
  • GPS Installation Request Form


RAS – Recovery Assurance Solution


Catalytic Converter Protect

  • a low-cost preload that protects dealership inventory and can be passed on to the customer as an added benefit.


Optional Replacement Benefit Available

Mechanical/Electrical Solutions


Risk Guard Service Contracts for New and Used Vehicles


Maintenance Solutions

*Addendum Options Available


The proof is in the pudding. Check out our Dealer Profit Calculator and see the numbers for yourself.


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