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OPTIMA Batteries SEMA 2022 Projects – Part 2

words/photos: Denis Podmarkov 

After long nights and what feels like longer days, the OPTIMA Batteries projects have arrived at SEMA 2022! If you missed part one, you can find it HERE. It goes over the project details and how Star Shield Solutions was able to add an extra level of protection for the R1T and the two trailers.

OPTIMA Batteries held a press conference at SEMA, Cam Douglass went over the details of the project and their latest products as well. Including their newest Lithium batteries, which played a major role in these builds. Michael Weiss, founder, and CEO of Weistec, went over the engineered details and all the products that are installed on the Rivians and trailers. Later that day, the trucks and trailers have been moved to be parked right outside of the central hall entrance, for everyone to see!

Star Shield Solutions is proud to have a helping hand in this major project with OPTIMA Batteries and their partners. We are excited to see these vehicles make their way around different Overlanding & offroad events including the Baja 1000!

We want to thank our 3M partners for working with us on this project and making things possible for SEMA 2022.

Check out the full gallery below.