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Dodge muscle cars continue to dominate HLDI’s list of most stolen vehicles, and how Sky Force SVR is there to support you in the event of vehicle theft


via: IIHS.org

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Charger HEMI have once again claimed the top spots on the Highway Loss Data Institute’s list of the most frequently stolen vehicles for model years 2020-22. Additionally, a viral trend targeting Hyundai-Kia vehicles has propelled four Kia models into the top 20 rankings.

According to HLDI’s latest report on whole-vehicle theft, theft claims for the Charger SRT Hellcat were more than 60 times higher than the average for all 2020-22 models, considering their numbers on the road. Similarly, theft claims for the Charger HEMI were more than 20 times above the average.

Notably, Charger and Challenger models equipped with large and powerful engines have consistently been among the top five most-stolen vehicles since the 2011 model year. However, the frequency of theft claims has seen a staggering increase. For 2020-22 Charger SRT Hellcat models, there were 25 whole-vehicle theft claims per 1,000 insured vehicle years, up from approximately 18 for the 2019-21 models. To put this in perspective, the most-stolen model from 2017-19, the Infiniti Q60, only had 2 thefts per 1,000 insured vehicle years.

HLDI Senior Vice President Matt Moore remarked, “If you own a Hellcat, it’s essential to check your driveway. These statistics are truly astonishing.”

Among the frequently stolen 2020-22 models were luxury vehicles from manufacturers like BMW, Infiniti, and Land Rover, as well as three large pickup trucks with powerful engines. The list also included relatively affordable models from Honda, Kia, and Nissan. The surge in thefts of Hyundai and Kia vehicles in recent years can be attributed to the discovery that many of them lacked electronic immobilizers.

But how can Sky Force GPS technology assist when a vehicle is stolen?

Sky Force’s GPS technology comes to the rescue when a vehicle is stolen. One of the primary advantages of Sky Force is its Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) feature.

With Sky Force Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, you can regain peace of mind if your vehicle is stolen. Using the app, you can pinpoint the location of your vehicle and promptly alert the police for assistance in apprehending the thieves. Furthermore, depending on your insurance provider, you may qualify for insurance discounts.

Sky Force is committed to offering cutting-edge vehicle tracking and recovery solutions driven by GPS technology. Our online platform provides customers with crucial information about their vehicles, ensuring peace of mind.

To discover more about Sky Force and how our technology can fortify your vehicle’s security, please visit our website at SkyForceTechnologyInc.com. For additional information or to reach our sales support team, you can contact us at salessupport@starshieldsolutions.com or give us a call at 1.866.662.4477.